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Bally Rabindra Bhavan

Bally Rabindra Bhavan

Bally Rabindra bhavan is the cultural hub of Bally area. It is well maintained by Bally Municipality and the members who take care of this place. Most of the days the hall is occupied by local clubs or any cultural school. It is one of the best place to conduct any cultural events in Howrah district.

It is getting renovated right now. It has a wonderful design of the building and looks really elegant for the audience who come to enjoy a function in the evening with their family. The local Police station is just opposite the bhavan. This makes it more safe for the people who wait for the bus after a late night function. From a long time though people request more shops to be opened around the center so that they can enjoy some good snacks at the interval.


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Bally Police Station 033-2654 1128
033-2654 0771
Ambulance SRA Club 033 2664 2637
Uttarpara General Hospital 033-2663 1158
033-2663 7478
Bally Kedarnath Hospital 033-2654 9108

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