Welcome to Bally

About us

Our goal

At eziAssist, we enrich the connection between you and all the activities that happen at the place you live in. Our goal is to help each and everyone, having their unique set of expertise, reach out to all the users in ways that are both exciting and helpful.

Our vision

Organized and disciplined information towards positive and effective decision making.

Empowering each and every person with a platform that would help them promote their brand.

Create a sense of pride in everyone, for the place they live in.

Our Journey

2011eziAssist started in the year 2011. We used to provide support for electronics and electrical gadgets to our clients. Our vision started to change in 2014 when we realized the need to provide assistance in a bigger way.

2015In January, 2015 eziAssist adopted a completely new way of assisting a wider range of clients. Now each and every individual can connect to the place they live in with all the important and updated information. eziAssist helps in Moving you in a direction that will assist you to be informed and help you grow.

Our Team

At eziAssist we have a small team of 4 members. It is the brain-child of one of our team members having 10 years of experience in Information Technology. We believe our strength lies not in our academic qualifications but to our honesty and hard work. We honor the Trust people showed on us for the last 3 years and it is our duty not to let that Trust down.

If you are hardworking and like to work with us, send us your resume at careers@eziassist.com