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A great delight for all the nature lovers at Bally flower show

eziAssist | , Bally,  Howrah

Chandramallika at flower show

A flower show at Bally Sadharani Sabha Ground is a golden opportunity for all the flower lovers to feel the nature in its best form. The show has begun on 23rd Jan 2015 and will continue till 26 th Jan. If you love flowers, we guarantee you that this will leave a healing touch to our souls. The beauty of flowers at their very best will definitely make you smile. The club is more than 130 years old and was established in 1882. They started to organize the flower-show 5 years back.

The brainchild of the club members who give their efforts throughout the year to make this small piece of land look lush green among the concrete jungle. We convey our kudos to the club members to organize a lovely show for the city-people to experience. They give their time to this garden and plants and take care of them without hope of any sort of reward. It is sheer love for plants that they gather here every day taking time from their daily engagements to make this place a little bit green. The members who are actively involved in this event are Mr. Ashok Banerjee , Mr. Debmalya Banerjee, Dr. Pronab Sur , Mr. Subrata Banerjee, Mr. Partha Chakraborty, Ms. Chandrama Nun, Mr. Ranjit Dutta and Mr. Pradip Chatterjee. There are quite a few others without whom this wouldn't have seen the face of light but the members mentioned have given their all to make this a grand success.

People from all over Bally and adjacent places like Uttarpara and Belur have participated in this show by showcasing their own flower plants. While talking with one of such a flower lovers, eziassist.com correspondent was amazed to see their energy and spirit. Age has nothing to do with these people. They believe that while they put their efforts day in and day out to garner the plants from seed to flowers, they feel younger at their hearts. The joy of watching something growing up and then the first bud popping its head, cannot be explained in words.

After a hectic city ride, collecting news, events for eziassist.com, when we set foot on the green, circled by flowers of various types everywhere, all of a sudden we could feel our fatigue gone. We could experience the change in our mind. The effect was soothing and a sense of calmness was prevailed into us.

We truely believe many such shows should be organized across our cities. This will be place where people could just come, sit and enjoy the nature with the flowers around.



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